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Canines Inspiring Resilience + Recovery in the Midst of Crisis TM

  NATIONAL Crisis Response Canines  

Teach this to all: a generous heart, kind speech, and a life of service and compassion

are the things which renew humanity.      Buddha


​NATIONAL offers training to individuals seeking to support

their community as a certified crisis response canine team.

Our mentorship program, Canis Major + Canis MinorTM,
pairs a canine team in-training with a NATIONAL
certified crisis response canine team. The Canis Major team commits to mentor their Canis Minor team throughout the 12 month program. During their training, the Canis Minor teams learn to work in the complex physical environments of disasters and to safely interact with people experiencing
intense emotions in the aftermath of crises.

Canis Minor teams train in their own community 
​so as to better understand the critical needs and available resources from a local perspective. The Canis Minor shadows the Canis Major through a wide variety of preparedness activities, community events, socialization exercises, environmental and emotional simulations,  and handling practicums.

Contact Us for more information about NATIONAL training programs. All requests are confidential.

Canis Minor In-Training with Certified Crisis Response Canis Major Beau