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  NATIONAL Crisis Response Canines  

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​When someone is hurting, crisis response canine teams replace the feelings of fear, anxiety and hopelessness with feelings of being safe, cared for and capable.

NATIONAL crisis response canine teams are specially trained in psychological first aid and certified to work effectively in crisis environments with people experiencing intense emotions in the aftermath of a critical incident.

For everyone's safety, only certified crisis response canines should be used to respond to crisis incidents. The chaotic, unpredictable nature of crisis requires skills, temperament, stress management and training far above those needed when working in normal, predictable surroundings.

NATIONAL provides certified crisis response canine teams and services free of cost to individuals of any nationality, religion, ethnicity, race, legal status, political status, or sexual orientation.

Contact Us  to request a NATIONAL certified crisis response team. All requests are confidential.

     Certified Crisis Response Canine Zipporah