1.  How do I request a certified crisis response canine team?

Click Contact Us to request a NATIONAL certified

crisis response team. All requests are confidential.

2.  Can anyone request a crisis response canine team?

3.  How much does it cost to request a crisis response

     canine team?

4.  How can I tell if a dog is really a certified crisis response


5.  How do crisis response canine teams help communities

     prepare for disaster?

6.  What is the difference between a therapy dog

     and a certified crisis response canine?

7.  Can a therapy dog be used to provide comfort during

     or after a disaster?

8.  What kinds of dogs are used for crisis response work?

9.  How can I know if crisis response work is right for my dog?

10.  Is it possible to volunteerwithout a canine?

11. Is NATIONAL a non-profit organization?

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