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3.  How much does it cost to request a crisis response 
canine team? 

NATIONAL provides certified crisis response canine teams and services free of cost. NATIONAL teams volunteer their time 

and their canines to help their community prepare for,

respond to and recover from crisis and disaster.

Unfortunately, in any disaster unscrupulous individuals will use dogs to deceptively solicit donations, charge for services, or enable other more serious criminal activities.
Don't become a victim.

Ask for ID. Certified crisis response canine teams display photo IDs for the handler and the canine from certifying organizations. Certified teams will also wear vests identifying their canine and the certifying organization

Ask for Proof of Insurance. Certified crisis response canine teams carry proof of insurance from the certifying organization.

Ask for Deployment. In a disaster, all responders are deployed to specific locations through the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) in accordance with Incident Command. Certified crisis response canine teams are always authorized to deploy. Like all emergency responders, they never self-deploy to a critical incident.

Call. Not sure if the person with the dog is certified crisis response canine team? Call the information telephone number set up for the disaster and ask to verify the identify of the team.

Canis Minor In-Training with Certified Crisis Response Canis Major Beau       

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