NATIONAL Crisis Response Canine Teams

  • NATIONAL crisis response canine teams are located throughout the United States.
  • NATIONAL crisis response canine teams are certified and insured.

  • If you have an immediate need, select CRITICAL INCIDENT from the list or enter CRITICAL INCIDENT in the Subject line.

  • For fastest response, enter a mobile phone number where you can be reached by text messages.
  • Or, text us1.772.413.0096

​    Certified Crisis Response Canine Zadok                


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Canines Inspiring Resilience + Recovery in the Midst of Crisis TM

Our mission is to harness the power of the human + canine bond to inspire resilience and recovery

in people affected by crisis, trauma or disaster, and the responders who help them.

Dogs helping people TM      

NATIONAL  provides certified crisis response canine teams and services free of cost to individuals of any nationality, religion, ethnicity, race, legal status, political status, gender or sexual orientation.