Tornados. Floods. Wildfires. Hurricanes. Epidemics. Terrorism.

In a disaster, the number of people affected psychologically is many times greater than the number of people sustaining physical harm, damage to their homes, or the loss of possessions. read more>

Dogs helping people TM      

Our mission is to harness the power of the human + canine bond to inspire resilience and recovery

in people affected by crisis, trauma or disaster, and the responders who help them.

Canines Inspiring Resilience + Recovery in the Midst of Crisis TM



When someone is hurting, NATIONAL crisis response canine teams are trained to provide safe compassionate support to people affected by crisis.

NATIONAL provides certified crisis response canine teams and services free of cost. read more>

     Certified Crisis Response Canine Darby                                        


Home fire. Domestic violence. Child abuse. School shooting. Missing elder. Victim of crime.

When a personal crisis is overwhelming, NATIONAL crisis response canine teams work alongside the community agencies providing support and assistance. read more>